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Let's TLK - TLK 25 Wi-Fi
Wearable Communications

Communicate and operate confidently with the TLK 25, a wearable WAVE PTX device that expands your capabilities beyond push-to-talk and doesn’t limit your range.

Compact, powerful, rugged and equipped with an intuitive voice assistant forseamless communications, the TLK 25 is designed for ease of use, efficiency and safety. Access a communications, management and safety ecosystem in a small, intelligent device on your Wi-Fi network.

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TLK 25
Intelligent Connection

Intelligent Connection
in a Discreet Package

In client-facing roles, delivering high-quality, seamless guest experiences relies on invisible operations. With large radios or smartphones, employees may struggle to discreetly operate their devices. Compact, lightweight, and powerful, the TLK 25 eliminates the burdens of bulky devices.

  • Lightweight, Wearable Design (2.6 oz)
  • Durable and Discreet (IP67 Rated, MIL-STD 810H)
  • Shaped for Safety (Dedicated Emergency Button)
TLK 25
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Enhance Communications
with Intuitive Voice Assistant

Reduce employee efforts in operating devices with TLK 25’s embedded Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions quickly. Employees don’t need to look at screens or fumble with their devices to use them. They can place calls, access settings, and manage emergency features with the press of a button and use of their voice. Powered by natural language processing, TLK 25’s Intuitive Voice Assistant does not limit users to specific voice prompts. It can also understand varying names, verbiage, and voices, including accents.

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Solving for Safety
and Connection

The TLK 25 is a compact device containing a powerful technology ecosystem that will improve operations, simplify device management and most importantly, keep your guests and employees safe on site. As a Wi-Fi only device, the TLK 25 doesn’t limit your range or require additional infrastructure. Connect your TLK 25 to existing personal or enterprise Wi-Fi networks with ease, and start accessing high-quality, reliable communication across your sites.

TLK 100 Accessories
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TLK 25 Two-Way Radio Accessories

You demand the most of your two-way radio. Don't settle for less from your accessories. We offer the smartest, most versatile and complete portfolio of accessories for your TLK 25. Unleash the full potential of your WAVE two-way radio with Motorola Original™ accessories that deliver uncompromising durability, reliability and intelligence.

  • Audio Accessories Feature Easy Hands-Free Communication
  • Batteries and Chargers Keep Your Radios Functioning at All Times
  • Carry Accessories Provide Comfort, Convenience and Protection
TLK 25  Accessories

Rapid, Reliable Deployment
Use Nationwide on the WAVE PTX Wireless Service

Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. The rugged TLK 100 Two-Way Radio gets your team connected fast.

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