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APX Dual Radio

Whether you are responding to a fire call or rushing to a robbery or break in, you need continuous communication and the ability to monitor voice activity at all times. With the APX Dual Radio public safety first responders will be able to achieve complete interoperability all from the ease of a single O7 control head.

With the ability to support up to four frequency bands (7/800, VHF, UHR1, and UHFR2), the APX Dual Radio allows users to simultaneously monitor and communicate with other agencies in both conventional and trunking settings.

Frequency Band:
VHF, UHF R1, UHF R2, 700/800 MHz

Frequency Range:
700/800 (764-870 MHz), VHF (136-174 MHz), UHF R1 (380-470 MHz), UHF R2 (450-520 MHz)

Power Output:
10-35 watts/700/800 MHz, 25-110 watts/VHF, 25-110 watts/UHF

Channel spacing:
6.25, 12.5, 25

Frequency Band:

Frequency Range:

Power Output:

Standard battery chemistry type:

Battery life (based on a 5-5-90 duty cycle):

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:

Channel spacing:

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  • Provides seamless interoperability with agency personnel on up to four different frequency bands from one control head
  • Ability to simultaneously monitor more than one channel at the same time
  • Ability to scan across trunking and conventional systems without losing priority channels
  • Ability to mix and match different radio models across tiers (APX 8500, 6500, and 6500Li) and power levels (high and mid)
  • Radios can be on different or same frequency bands and have different options and features
  • Optional stack mount trunnion for mid power models makes installation easier
  • Makes it easier for users to distinguish between the audio from the two different radios by routing it to two separate speakers (optional audio combiner allows for mixed audio)
  • Gives customers the flexibility to program the radios as either Primary or Secondary to use in a dual radio configuration, or as standalone radios to use in standard installations.

For radio specification information please refer to the APX 8500 and APX 6500 specification sheets

Fact Sheet

Spec Sheets

For radio specification information please refer to the APX 8500 and APX 6500 specification sheets

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