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Your wireless communication systems integrator, Telepath Corporation, has been in business since July 1978. Our core business is to provide command and control programs, which include Complex VOIP Two-Way Radio Systems, Security Camera Systems, access control, wireless networking, emergency vehicle build-up, and RF Signal Re-Enforcement to high-tech manufacturing, transportation, utilities and public safety entities around the world. No matter what your organization’s mission, your communications network is critical to its success. Your end users are on the move, demanding instant access to people and information. They need communication that is reliable, secure and always available, whenever -- and wherever -- they need to be in touch. We have integrated networks across both geographic and technology boundaries, providing improved reach, performance and reliability at the same time.

JoJo Tran

JoJo Tran
Chief Executive Officer

JoJo Tran is Chief Executive Officer of Telepath Corporation. Tran joined Telepath in 1990 and became CEO in September 2010. Previously, he headed several business units at Telepath, including mission critical infrastructure, customer service, sales and mobile team. Mr. Tran's vision is to be the industry's premier sales, service and program management company. Customers and partners will see Telepath as an integral to their success. Telepath will anticipate their needs and deliver on every commitment. People will be proud to work at Telepath. Telepath will create opportunities to achieve the extraordinary and will reward their success.

Pamela Nguyen

Pamela Nguyen

Joining Telepath Corporation in February 2008, Pamela Nguyen progressed into the role of Vice President and General Manager. Promoted in January 1, 2012, Nguyen now holds office as President and Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Nguyen has been part of Telepath's Board of Directors since September 2010. Prior to Telepath, she has gained her expertise through several diverse professional outlets and has had over ten years of experience in consumer interface. Nguyen looks forward to growing with Telepath and ensuring it remains the leading product and service in two-way radio.

Our large selection of communications equipment, along with our friendly and knowledgeable sales and service staff, have helped companies with their communications needs. We have provided communications equipment, and solutions to public safety, public utilities, manufacturing companies, construction developments and businesses worldwide.

Pacific Wireless Communications

Pacific Wireless Communications is the premier wireless systems integrator in the State of Hawaii. Previously known as Motorola Hawaii, Pacific Wireless Communications (PWC) focuses on providing best in class service and sales to Hawaii's government and commercial customers.

PWC offers its customers turnkey system solutions including system engineering, radio facility construction, installation services, preventive maintenance, and system management. With over 24 years of satisfying customer needs, our customer loyalty and, reputation, has made PWC the premier integrator of public safety systems, wireless LAN systems and cellular radio sites in Hawaii. The PWC Command Center in Honolulu, and resident certified technicians on each of the major Hawaiian Islands, provides our statewide customers with 24x7 repair and restoration support. Our dedicated PWC employees are proud to say, "We support public safety emergency first responders, by keeping their vital radio systems operational".

Aircall Communications

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