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Two Way Radio Solutions

Dispatch / Consoles

The console is the core to your dispatch operations. Motorola offers a variety of console configurations to meet the needs of dispatch centers from a simple desktop to a large multi position console configuration.

» Dispatch / Consoles


GRE offers the PSR500 portable scanner and the PSR600 mobile scanner.

» Scanners

Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Motorola offers a range of products for emergency vehicles.

» Emergency Vehicle Equipment

In Building Amplifier Systems

When radio coverage is impaired inside structures, tunnels and other obstructed areas, signal boosters often offer the best value solution. We have the experience with several high performance, low maintenance, FCC approved signal boosters.

» In Building Amplifier Systems


We offer equipment leasing options.

» Leasing

Mobile Two Way Radios

Mobile Two-Way Radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to-one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a local area, city, or state. They are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and can run off its power source. They are used by someone who doesn't need to communicate away from their vehicle.

» Mobile Two Way Radios


We stock Motorola's best selling fire pagers. Featuring the MINITOR V pager. Ruggedized pagers to help you make sure your important messages and alerts get to the right people.

» Pagers

Parts and Accessories

Motorola Original Accessories have to pass stringent design and tests such as Accelerated Life-Testing. ALT accelerates the life of a product design by packing approximately five years of product use into five weeks of grueling testing. These tests include being dropped, electrostatic discharge, custom exposure, cold and hot temperatures and vibration.

» Parts and Accessories

Portable Two Way Radios

Portable radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use for users on the move. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.

» Portable Two Way Radios

Public Safety Solutions

Most First Responders from local communities to Federal Government agencies, rely on Motorola for their mission critical wireless communications.

» Public Safety Solutions


Sometimes radio systems require the use of a repeater. A repeater increases the range and capabilities of your portable or mobile radio communications, solving coverage problems quickly and easily.They can also be easily made into a Base Station allowing a desktop operator to communicate with other radios in the field.

» Repeaters


Download brochures for Motorola products.

» Resources

Enterprise Mobility

Enable service groups to provide faster response times, increase the number of service calls and reduce travel costs using Motorola Field Service Solutions.

» Enterprise Mobility

Telemetry / SCADA

MOSCAD (Motorola SCADA) is the Motorola product specifically designed to the specifications of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

» Telemetry / SCADA

Vehicle Build Up

Complete emergency fleet vehicle build up for Police, Fire, EMS and Command vehicles.

» Vehicle Build Up

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View our videos & webinars.

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