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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

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A ROI Calculator covering high level Total Cost of Ownership metrics and other business metrics (Net Present Value, Return on Investment, and Break-even). Costs are based on inputs such as number of employees using devices, initial purchase price, additional set-up costs, and monthly costs. Benefits are based on cost and performance differences.

ROI Calculator

Motorola ROI Calculator

To see how much return on investment your business can receive, check out the Motorola two-way radio ROI Calculator.

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Return on Investment (ROI) is the percentage return expected over a specified period of time. ROI is the total benefit divided by the total costs. This ROI metric is good for assessing the multiplier provided by the benefits relative to the total investment and costs.

Net Present Value (NPV) represents the cumulative present value of the expected return of a project over a specified period of time minus the initial costs of the project. This dollar figure provides visibility on the actual value of a project, taking into consideration the time value of money - the ongoing benefit of a project in today's dollars. NPV tells you the magnitude of the project and if the project generates a profit.

Break-even is the number of months it takes for the project to yield a positive cumulative cash flow. Break-even is a key measurement of risk but does not take into account cash flows after the break-even period.

ROI, NPV and Break-even should be used in conjunction to understand the rate, size and timing of the return.

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